Thursday, May 29, 2008

Oh Mother

Well Mothers Day was a few weeks ago and I have been thinking recently how lucky I got in the Mom Lottery. For reals (I am feeling very street tonight… been watching too much of the Wire, I guess) basically there is a parent lottery and you end up jackpotting like me or end up coming up craps like one of those poor Spears kids.

Why is my Moms (damn Wire) so dope? Well first my Mom always, I mean without exception put my needs in front of her own. I never needed for anything. Sure, maybe I did not get everything I ever wanted, but I always had anything I needed and I usually got everything I wanted as well. Heck she ponied up a Wii for the family this year.

But it’s not about getting nice things; it’s about exposing to so many of the things I love today. The summer before my sixth grade year, my Mom felt like I was up to no good (she was probably right) and she decided was going to try to get me interested in something beside laying around and watching Different Strokes (love that Arnold Jackson). So she read The Stand to me aloud, two to three chapters per night. To this day it is by far my favorite book. I reread this book myself any time I hit a rough patch or feel like I need to be reground. I owe this to Mom.

My mom exposed me to raw cookie dough (way before it came in packages), Psycho, To Kill a Mockingbird, the British version of the Office, my first trip to Graceland and so many other things that have made my life richer today.

I got my sense of humor from my Mom and most importanly she is the one person that will call me on my BS.

I am very lucky indeed.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Reavo's Strange Likes

First off I realized pretty early on in my life that I have some pretty, how shall we say… interesting likes, others might deem them strange. I find beauty in things many others don’t. I also have a well defined taste palate; enjoying food and tasty treats others with less developed palates might miss the pure deliciousness.

So here are a few of what some people may refer to as “my strange likes”.

Candy Circus Peanuts –Some find them gross, others find them disgusting. Me, I love them. I love them stale and hard. I love them fresh and soft. I love the smell as you bust open a new bag. In 7th grade I ate a whole bag and made myself puke… doesn't matter like a girl that treats you poorly I always come back for more.

R Kelly – Some find him gross, others find him disgusting. Me, I find him to be a pure genius. Yes I know he has may have made some interesting choices where to urinate recently, but dude is a pure lyrical showman. My personal favorite is the Ignition remix.

Logan’s Run- OK I can’t use the gross disgusting line here, but many people find Logan’s Run to be a really boring 70’s sci-fi movie. Me, I see a masterpiece. Sure it moves a bit slow, but it is a great concept and is 70’s kitsch at its finest. However, this one maybe the my fanboy coming out.

Dawson’s Creek – Many may find it a little nuts for a straight man in his mid 30’s to profess his love for a show whose target audience is teenage girls, but if loving Dawson's Creek is wrong I don't wanna be right! I am proud to say I love it (for the record I also like Degrassi as well, classic and the new generation… yeah for real). Weird? Maybe, but I love the Pacey/Joey/Dawson love triangle of season 3. I loved the show because I hated Dawson, so rooting for Pacey to win the heart of the pre-robot Katie Holmes, became good sport. It was a well written (excluding the boring year in college) piece of teenage melodrama that I miss each time a see a crap filled commercial for One Tree Hill.

So those are just a few of my strange likes…

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Loose Ends

OK a couple of loose ends to tie up here my loyal readers…

I have yet another new guilty pleasure, The Paper on MTV. This new reality show instant classic chronicles the inter-workings of a southern California high school newspaper. The show does an excellent job showcasing the true experience of a high school geek squad. Now I was never on my high school newspaper staff… I was way too cool for that.

No, Repertory Theater and Radio and TV class were my personal geek calling cards. But back to the Paper, the thing that makes it a great show is that these kids take the newspaper so seriously. You can also pick out each of the characters from your own high school experience. I went to a school with a girl (HG if you are reading this it’s you!) that is a dead ringer for the lead character Amanda. So if you get a chance throw a glance at the Paper, you won’t be disappointed.

On to other things…

American Idol – Oh what to do about the new singing Elmo doll – David Archamakemewannapuke. I cannot stand this kid.

Scramble – My new addiction is wearing out, I still enjoy a game here and there but the magic is gone I fear.

GI Joe – Good news fellow fanboys… There will be a live action GI Joe movie… Roadblock, Duke and the rest of the Joes will be hitting the screen next summer! Yo Joe! Yeah you guessed it I had a wicked collections of GI Joes back in the day.

That’s it for now…

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Operation Sneaky Tooth Fairy

Recently my wife and I had to attempt a covert operation under the cover of darkness. My daughter CJ had been an absolute nightmare for like a week because her front top right tooth was loose. CJ is the kind of kid that is a dream to be around 90% of the time, but man if she is sick or God forbid has a loose tooth… Katie bar the door, it is time for trauma-drama!

So this tooth was so loose that every breath would move it. Literally the tooth was swinging in the breeze. CJ would absolutely not let us pull it out. She was refusing to eat because her tooth was bothering her, so that compounded her already horrible mood. One morning CJ came in our bed room before school crying and said she look “ridiculous” with a loose tooth lisp, but still would not touch her tooth. I had finally had enough. I was like Joe Don Baker in Walking Tall; I needed to take matters into my own hands.

That night after CJ went to bed it was time to put my plan in action. The insurgent tooth, had to be deal with… it was time for Operation Sneaky Tooth Fairy! I got the flashlight and tiptoed in to CJ room. The glow of my flashlight illuminated CJ’s powdered blue walls, I slowed my breath like GI Joe solider Duke on a mission behind Cobra enemy lines. I was so freaking stealth that CJ did not stir as I made my way towards her bed. I was there, it was the moment of truth; the tooth and I were going to do battle. I moved her upper lip slightly and I barley grazed the loose bugger. That was all it took, the tooth was out in an instance. But… oh no… where had it gone? I could not find the tooth. At that point it was time to call in reinforcements, the wife. I told my wife she needed to go and find the tooth, I was afraid CJ might choke on it or something. The problem is my wife could not stop laughing. So she and I are standing in my daughter’s room, try to regain our composure before completing the mission. Finally my wife pulled herself together and rescued the tooth from CJ bottom lip.

Operation Sneaky Tooth Fairy was completed successfully and the next morning we had our sweetheart back. Can you say Father of the Year?

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Nothing mini about the Mini

Recently I embarked on a new challenge. The Indianapolis Mini Marathon! I have thought about doing this for years, but always thought why pay $55 dollars to be miserable? I am miserable most days for free. But this year I decided what the heck, you only live once (unless you buy Shirley MacLaine’s take on things) lets do it.

What was I thinking?

Now most folks who sign up for these 13.1 miles of hell, train for months to prepare for the big day, me, not so much. Originally I had delusions of running this monstrosity. Then I remembered, I run like I am tied to a tree. So walking seemed like a more logical choice for this broken down old body.

There are some very nice ladies that I work with that offered to let me train with them, but I was always otherwise detained when they were conducting their training sessions. Activities, such as Wii, Scramble, blogging and sleep all took precedent to training. This is not to say I did not train at all, but not nearly enough. I topped out at eight miles during my training, never getting close to the 13.1 I was going to need to complete this chamber of horrors.

I was frightened the morning of the Mini that would not be able to keep up with sub 18 minute pace needed to avoid the loser bus. Yes if you don’t maintain that 18 minute pace, they pull you from the road and make you get on a bus. Oh the horror!

Well I rode down to the Mini with the marathon vets from work that had offered to let me train. They were calm and relaxed, but I was a bundle of nerves. What had I gotten myself in to? As I walked in to corral X I was looking for an escape from this madness. But alas there was no escape; I was going to have to do this.

As I crossed the starting line with two of my co-workers I was filled with adrenaline! I could do this. In fact when one of my fellow walkers started to run, I did as well! Yeah let’s run this whole thing I thought, who needed training? Then we came to our senses and slowed down, this was half marathon after all.

I was fine until mile three. My partners decided we would run at the end of the miles… well as we got to mile three I ran. I turned to see where my partners were and BAM I went down like Tonya Harding had taken me out. Except my Tonya Harding was my own lack of coordination. I got up and dusted myself off; I was no worse for wear.

Other than my brush with ground, I was fine until I hit the mile nine. Every step from mile nine and 12 was utter hell. Each step hurt immensely, my feet bottoms felt like I was walking on broken glass. I was getting cold chills and I had to use the bathroom.

Then I hit mile 12. I realized I was going to finish… I could do it. I told myself over and over, just finish and you will never ever make this mistake again. Just finish it this once you can say you did it and then be done with it forever.

Crossing the finish line was unbelievable! I even ran the last 1/ 4 mile. I could not believe I was finally done… in 3 hours and 20 minutes. I was able to keep a 15 minute pace, which is not too bad for my lack of real training.

Now the crazy part… I can’t wait for next year.

Friday, May 2, 2008

Quick Grey's Take

OK seriously... I enjoy Grey's as much as the next person, but really I think its time for Seattle Grace to invest in another elevator. It seems that this hospital only has one elevator, which is a bit odd for a facility of its size.