Sunday, July 18, 2010


Just checking in with my semi adoring public. So on with some quick-takes.

Why is this edition labeled blognog? No idea. I just kind of like the sound of it. Deal with it.

How come Mark Wahlberg always seems pissed off? I mean dude has a pretty sweet life by all accounts and I like most of his movies, but he always seems like the guy at the bar looking for a fight. I have come to the conclusion that Mr. Funky Bunch has irritable bowel syndrome. He always has that IBS snarl on his face. So please Dirk Diggler get yourself to a physician post haste.

When I am looking to get all jacked up for my afternoon workout no song is better than Kenny Loggin’s Danger Zone. Ok, not really, but I am going to try to work a Kenny Loggin’s reference in to all my blog entries from this day forward. Why you ask? Because Kenny Loggin’s is like musical butter… he makes everything better.

I wish I could play the Banjo. I just think it is cool.

Enough with the freaking vampires people. I like Trueblood and Salem’s Lot is one of my favorite reads, but really enough is enough. If I hear anymore about Twilight I am going to ralph. In my humble opinion the only thing more annoying that Twilight fans are Justin Bieber fans.

I miss the Hamburglar. Where did this little meat shoplifter disappear to?

I salute Hobby Lobby! It was recently brought to my attention that they already have their Christmas decorations out! Mr. Christmas Sean Reaves says that is well played Hobby Lobby! Well played indeed.

If Hollywood options my blog and decides to turn it into a TV series or movie (for the record I am open for either) I would like to be played by Don Cheadle. I think Don embodies my inner-coolness and dashing good looks.

I often feel the rest of the world is playing chess and I am play checkers.
Last but not least – Mad Men is back July 25! Oh Joan Holloway…