Sunday, June 20, 2010

Reavo is Back! Again!

I have been gone for far too long. Instead of me making excuses for why I have not written (let’s be honest you have heard this all before work, kids, exercising, blah blah blah… Hey we all have life, well maybe you don’t as you are reading my blog) let’s just do some updating on my life. I mean you are here to read about my extreme awesomeness so let’s just get to it.

I have been on a six month heath/ lifestyle rehab program. A week before Christmas I got some pictures back of myself from a holiday get together and I was shocked to see that I was really effing fat. Not just a few holiday eggnog and Hickory Farms pounds but FAT! Not man that jacket is PHAT with the PH, but dude you can’t fit in that jacket because you are fat with capitol F. That coupled with some back problems were the straw that broke this fat arse’s back. I went on a strict diet and workout routine. I don’t want to get in to numbers because it is embarrassing that I let myself go, especially considering how freaking hot I am… me carrying around all that extra weight was like some vandal defacing the Mona Lisa! It has not been easy dropping the lbs but I feel much better than I have in years.

I ran the Mini again (took last year off, while I fattened myself like a Christmas ham apparently). It was tough and I saw some weird stuff, like a dude yakking after 3 miles (really dude 3 flipping miles?) and 3 chicks popping a squat to pee in a ditch but overall I am glad I did it. The 30 mph winds and cold were less than fun, but knowing I completed it is an amazing feeling. I am still not sure how people do a full 26 miles, 13.1 was plenty crazy for me.

I also completed my first Triathlon. I was wicked scared because unlike the Mini which you can just quit if it reaches max suckiness you’re in this till the end, well at least the swim part. I mean I guess you could give up and drowned, but that would kinda suck. I am not the strongest swimmer to start with due to the fact I am a 37 year old male living in Indiana, swimming opportunities other than the gym just don’t come unless I seek them out. I can bike or run anytime I like, but swimming takes a little planning. So I was pretty freaked out by this whole thing and I don’t think the US will be sending me to the Olympics to represent the Stars and Stripes anytime soon, but I finished and did not drowned or shart myself so I feel like I am a winner.

I turned 37 this year. I am grasping to my last bit of youth, but truly feel it slipping away like my hairline. Life is good in general and I am determined to enjoy the good and try not to dwell on the bad.

I am going to try to write one entry a week, I promise! So keep checking in! Hell, I am probably lying about writing once a week stuff, you and I both know that. So just enjoy this entry because I am pretty entertaining and if you get more be happy.