Wednesday, June 24, 2009

As Seen On TV

I love to buy stuff I see on TV. I am not taking about QVC type trash, I am talking about commercials and infomercial type stuff, the real good crapola. For example, I have a Snuggy and I freaking love it, when it can be wrestled away from Caeleigh that is.

Recently I got a Topsy Turvey. What is a Topsy Turvey you ask? It is an upside down tomato planter of course! Alas my Topsy Turvey has yet to produce any tomatoy goodness for me! I am serious, not even one little green sucker for me to fry up. It’s the equivalent of a Chia Pet that grows no plant like fur. I am distraught and praying to the gods of TV crapola to save my upside tomato planter.

Please loyal readers of my blog, pray for the Topsy Turvey! Also feel free to make donations you the Save Reavo’s Topsy Turvey fund, checks can me be made payable to me. Don’t let another day go by with out a tomato in my life.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Taint s'post to hurt!

I have a new passion in my life! Cycling. For years my good friend Chris has encouraged me to start riding and I always told him to get bent. So he moved away this year and I finally bought a bike, weird right? Last weekend I completed my longest ride of the summer a 46 mile ride through Hendricks County. It was a beautiful day for a ride and I had a wonderful time except for the excruciating pain to my… well let’s call it my undercarriage, after the ride.

When I purchased the bike it had a racing seat on it. My buddy I bought the bike from asked if I wanted the racing seat or the slightly more padded seat the bike had come with, padding please I replied. I also bought a padded bib overall riding outfit, which I must say is stunning on me to say the least.

So you would think with all this padding I would be well equipped for this ride. Ahhh, not so much. Instead I think the seat might have covered in razor blades the way my taint felt the night of the completed 46 mile ride. My junk was feeling like it had taken a round trip through a meat grinder.

Avid riders will say it gets better. I have just one question… WHEN?