Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Origins of Sean and Sarah

Sarah and I have nearing hit the home stretch of the baby countdown (see the naming poll to your right) and I thought it might be fun to tell you readers (or reader… I am not sure I have multiple readers) a story about the beginning of the Sean & Sarah era. In the comic book world they call this an origins story.

Well after Sarah and I had been dating for about six months and about half of that being long distance (is Terre Haute to Indy considered long distance?) I decided that I might just want to marry this girl. Why? Sarah tempted me with promises of a life full of Fruity Peebles, Candy Corn-peanuts snake mix and Persimmon Pudding. With that knowledge in mind, I got a ring and decided to put together a plan to ask this lady to marry me.

I figured that since Sarah and I were still in college the best way to ask would be at her sorority formal. I know, I know, 13 years later that seems really lame. It seemed at the time to be hella romantic. Anyhow the week before the formal I was going to drive to Sarah’s hometown and ask here dad’s permission, but for some reason I could not get there (maybe work, I don’t really remember) so I had to call and do it on the phone. I still remember making the call and being really nervous, so when Papa Jim got on the line, I could barely speak, which does not happen to me often. I remember asking him for his first born's hand in marriage and I got what seemed like 20 seconds of silence. I thought for sure he was going to hang up on me and who could blame him? We had only been dating for like six months and Sarah was still a junior in college. Come to think of it, I am not sure what we were thinking? If Caeleigh’s future boyfriend tries to pull that stunt I will have to put my foot on his neck. Anyway Jim finally said he thought that it would be fine. Not exactly a ringing endorsement, but I like to think that he has warmed to me over the years.

So the following weekend was the big Zeta formal in Terre Haute, yes I proposed in TH! I bought a sweet J. Riggins suit for the big occasion (nothing but the best for the big fella) and off we went to the formal. The Zeta’s have a little bit of a strange tradition, they invite there parents to their Spring Formal (nothing like getting sloshed and making out in front of Mom and Dad!), which I always thought was straight weird. But really, who am I to say anything? I was proposing at what is essentially a broken-down college prom. So Sarah parents were in attendance which was cool, so they could see the whole thing go down.

Well before the big candlelight ceremony (which is when I was going to drop the bomb on Sarah), the DJ called all the fathers and daughters out to the dance floor to have a father-daughter dance to kickoff the formal. Now this DJ was a kid we knew for school and he was about as sharp as a bowling ball. Let’s just say this kid lived on the 420 highway and leave it at that. So what song did he chose to play for said Father-Daughter dance? I’ll Make Love to You by Boy II Men! That was how the tone was set for the evening, nothing like a little musical suggestion of incest to kickoff the night I am going propose.

Well after that smashing start we did the candlelight. Basically all the girls standing in a circle and a candle goes around for each romantic event, lavaliere, pinning and engagement. The guys stand behind their dates as this is happening and the candle stops on the victim, I mean lucky girl. So once they announce engagement I whisper in Sarah’s ear “what sucker would do this here?” and her response “yeah, I know, how lame, right?”
Not exactly what I was looking for, but I set my set up for it.

So then the candle stops on her and I swear she thought it was joke. Her face had this “yeah right” look on it... but then I took her to the center of the circle and dropped to one knee and asked. Her answer? Of course she said yes, I mean, I was wearing a J. Riggins suit and no one turns down a J. Riggins suit proposal!

So 13 years later we have a house, two cars, one kid here, another on the way and a pet squirrel in the backyard. Yes we are living the American Dream.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

A Very Reavo Christmas

I am a major Christmas freak… I love all things Christmas except the weather; bah humbug on you weatherman! But back to the good stuff, let me tell you just a few of the reasons I love Christmas so friggin much.

Traditional Christmas Carols sang by Today’s Entertainers – You have not lived until you have gotten your Christmas groove on to the First Noel by N’SYNC! Reavo fun fact -my favorite Christmas song is Baby Its Cold Outside by Dean Martin.

New Christmas Songs (meaning anything post 1970) – I have news for you horrible individuals who say you hate Paul McCartney’s Wonderful Christmastime, so listen up. If you feel that way you must be a child of Satan and there will be a special place in hell for you upon leaving this life. Don’t mess with Sir Paul’s Holiday tune! I also am a big fan of Step into Christmas by Elton John and Christmas all over Again by Tom Petty.

Hickory Farms – I love me some Hickory Farms! Christmas without a log of Summer Sausage is sacrilegious.

Eggnog – Best. Drink. Ever. Ok maybe that’s a bit of an overstatement, buts let say it’s the best egg based drink of all time. Fun Fact - The origins of eggnog can be traced all the way back to the 18th century according to Wikipedia, so it must be true.

It’s a Wonderful Life- I hate NBC for rationing our It’s a Wonderful Life viewing! I loved the old days when It’s a Wonderful Life was on every channel on the dial at least once a day… curses to you NBC. I still love this movie. Is it mad hokey? Hell yes, but I still tear up every time an angel gets its wings. Take that old man Potter!

Mimosa’s on Christmas Morning – A Reaves family tradition that makes dealing with the family just a little bit easier by being tipsy. Also a fun side effect is when you have to put your kid’s toys together, being drunk up the difficulty factor by 10 and really challenge yourself. A few years back a Barbie Dream House took me 4 hours and 6 Mimosas to put together.

Shopping without a list – I love it when people give me a list of the things they would like for Christmas and I blow it up and buy not one thing on the list. Why? Because, I want you to be surprised and delighted Christmas morning! I don’t want you to know what you are getting, hells bells why even wrap presents if you know what you’re going to get!

A Very Brady Christmas - One of the dopest (is dopest a word?) made for Holiday TV movies ever. Best of all the whole original cast got back together for this mess except Cindy (who was always my least favorite of the Brady's) . The role of Cindy was filled by the hot chick from Charles in Charge which may go down as one of the greatest TV free agent pick ups of all time. This is some of the worst writing and acting of all time, but I love it all the same!

Grandmas Biscuits and Gravy – No Christmas is complete with out Grandma Bonnie’s Biscuits and Gravy with a side of bacon and coffee.

The count down is on folks, 23 days till the fat man in the red suit goes on his world tour (skipping all Paul McCartney haters – coal for you!) so you better be good!