Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bring on the New TV Season!

Oh I love this time of year. If you’re a fan of TV this time of year is like Christmas Eve. You know, when your five years old kicking it in your bad arse footie PJ’s waiting to unwrap the Star Wars Land Cruiser the next morning. You think that super special toy is going to be awesome because the package looks good and commercials seem dope, but sometimes that toy turns out to be dud.

Well the new TV season is upon us and we are being inundated with ads for the new shows and a few actually look pretty good, both Fringe and Gary Unmarried have caught my eye. But nothing has me as excited as the return of 90210!

Dude, I love me some 90210. Kelly, Brenda, Brandon, Steve, Silver, Dylan, Donna and the rest of the 90210 gang were a staple of my high school and college years. Even though the Peach Pit After Dark had to be the lamest night club in Southern California history, it looked incredible to me. 90210 also featured groundbreaking musical guests like Color Me Badd and Montel Jordan! Let’s face it the show had it all.

I still watch the show every now and then on the weekends. It repeats well. Damn it Ray Pruitt keep your hand off Donna’s enormous head! It will be tough for these young whipper-snappers to keep up with rivalry Brenda and Kelly had (I was always a Kelly man from day one) back in the day, but I look forward to seeing them try.

Hopefully the new 90210 ends up being a toy that we can all enjoy for the next 10 years…

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

New School

Is there anything tougher for a kid than going to a new school? When my wife and I made the decision to send CJ to Catholic School we considered everything from the money it would cost to the educational benefits for CJ. The one thing we really did not consider was the toll it would take on a kid that does not like change one bit.

This is really odd considering I had to change schools in 1st grade, 6th grade and 7th grade due to relocations and recall it was brutal. I remember how tough that first day can be on a kid. I still remember my first day at Westlane Middle School being extremely scary because it was a new city and a new school. I remember sitting alone at lunch the first day because I knew no one.

I know in my heart that we made the right decision, but it does not make the tears she is shedding tonight any easier to see.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

What a Croc

On our recent trip to Disney World my wife and I discussed the proliferation of Crocs into the American world of footwear. I know you might be saying “Dude, that is not much of a revelation,” as Crocs really took off a few years back. But that is my point exactly. Hasn’t this shoe fad had its day? It’s week? It’s month? It’s year? I mean really shouldn’t we be getting ready to discuss it on I Love the 2000’s.

When we were at Disney World every other person had on Crocs it seemed (including my wife and daughter- so embarrassing). Hell, even dudes are wearing these things now (I prefer to believe these men were Euro’s). Please don’t tell me how comfortable they are… because even if they make your feet feel like you are walking on clouds you look like a D-bag wearing them (I give a pass to kids).

So let’s all band together and forsake all that is pure in this crazy world. Stop buying these freaking things. Throw all Crocs already purchased where they belong, in the closet with your parachute pants, jean shorts and tight-rolled jeans (which my wife informs me are coming back in style… oh the horror).

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Disney World

Okay – I know I have been MIA for like a month, but I have been working my arse off recently. Plus I took the family on a wonderful trip to Disney World two weeks back. So let’s recap our little Disney extravaganza.

I have a friend at work who says she does not understand adult Disney enthusiasts… Well she sure does not understand me, because I love Disney World and the overall Disney experience. I love seeing Disney through my daughter's eyes. Every ride, parade, fireworks show and attraction brings joy and excitement.

CJ (my daughter) really became a rollercoaster enthusiast when she found out that Daddy would buy her a trading pin for every big ride she would try. By the end of our six day trip she had pins for Space Mountain, Splash Mountain, The Tower of Terror and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Actually, enthusiast might be an overstatement, since she would bury her head and not look up till the ride was over, but at least she would try right?

Overall it was an outstanding trip and I can’t wait to hit WDW again next year. If loving Disney is wrong, I don’t wanna be right! Enjoy the pics!