Monday, June 8, 2009

Taint s'post to hurt!

I have a new passion in my life! Cycling. For years my good friend Chris has encouraged me to start riding and I always told him to get bent. So he moved away this year and I finally bought a bike, weird right? Last weekend I completed my longest ride of the summer a 46 mile ride through Hendricks County. It was a beautiful day for a ride and I had a wonderful time except for the excruciating pain to my… well let’s call it my undercarriage, after the ride.

When I purchased the bike it had a racing seat on it. My buddy I bought the bike from asked if I wanted the racing seat or the slightly more padded seat the bike had come with, padding please I replied. I also bought a padded bib overall riding outfit, which I must say is stunning on me to say the least.

So you would think with all this padding I would be well equipped for this ride. Ahhh, not so much. Instead I think the seat might have covered in razor blades the way my taint felt the night of the completed 46 mile ride. My junk was feeling like it had taken a round trip through a meat grinder.

Avid riders will say it gets better. I have just one question… WHEN?

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