Wednesday, May 20, 2009

I am back!

Ok I know I have not written since March but cut me some slack folks between work, the new baby, and the workout jag I have been on recently its been tough. But I will try to make this bad boy a little better than normal (yeah that will be tough) to make up for going all MIA recently.

So last Friday Sarah and I decide to load up the fam- damily and head out for a little bite at Rock Star Pizza in the Burg. Why Rock Star? They sponsor Caeleigh’s softball team and we have never been there so we decide lets throw them a few bucks for being active in the community… I know, how cool are we?

Anyway I roll in with my entourage (read Caeleigh, Kasey Jo and Sarah) and get ready to hunker down for some good eats and the chick running the joint looks really familiar to me. It hits me we had Radio and TV together in high school. So I say hi and “yo we had radio and tv together and of course you will remember me I am Sean Reaves.” Dude she had no clue who I was. WTF!

Color me shocked people! Is it possible that I am not the center of everyone universe? In my mind (and apparently mine only) I make such an impact on all people I meet that I sincerely believe they must remember me for life, let alone 17 years. I mean for real, I am the shizz, am I not?

This was quite a blow to my ego at the time. However, I have since decided that this young lady might have suffered a serious brain trauma recently and is suffering from memory loss. That is a much more plausible possibility than the slight chance she could have forgotten the greatness that is Reavo.


Brooke and Brad Arnold said...


Me said...

Maybe, she was so traumatized by the experience that she's repressed all memory of you? I'd say that's the most likely explanation.

So you were in TV and radio? Is that a nice way of saying you were in the A/V club?